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Can I use BUPi to
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Check here the list of municipalities where BUPi is already available.


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Not yet

The municipality you selected has not yet joined BUPi or is in the process of joining. Check our website regularly and be the first to know when this process begins.

Last update: dd/mm/aaaa

The municipality you selected already has a land registry. You will soon be able to register your lands for free. Check this page and our website regularly and be the first to know when this process begins.

Last update: dd/mm/aaaa

The municipality you selected already has land registry of rural properties but the existing elements are not yet vectorized. You can register for free soon. Check this page and our website regularly and be the first to know when this process begins.

Last update: dd/mm/aaaa

See the information available here:


Where can I identify my properties?
Here or at a counter


Identify your properties online quickly

To start online, you need to have your Portuguese Citizen Card or Digital Mobile Key (CMD) with you and gather all the documentation about your property:

Mandatory documents:

  • Citizen Card (or ID and Fiscal Number);
  • Caderneta predial (description of the property – issued by the Portuguese Tax Authority) with the property record numbers or information available at Portal das Finanças (Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority Portal).

Optional documents:

  • If the promoter has already made a prior survey, he must take the GPS coordinates file with him;
  • Document proving ownership rights, if any;
  • Document that proves the promoter’s legitimacy to initiate the RGG process, if necessary.

The benefits of doing it here

Avoid traveling to a service counter and start your process online for free.
It is very simple, using the Online Platform you only have to follow these 4 steps:


1. Log in

You can log in using the Portuguese Citizen Card or the Digital Mobile Key (CMD).

2. Locate your properties

Identify the limits of your properties on BUPi or upload a file with the GPS coordinates.

3. Sign the Term of Responsibility

BUPi platform will generate, electronically, a term of responsibility that you must sign and submit electronically.

4. Wait for validation

After submitting your outline, a qualified BUPi technician will proceed with its validation.

How to identify your properties

The process is quite simple. Just fill out the form and choose one of two options to identify your properties:

Draw the limits of your property on the platform

Suitable for landowners who can recognize the location and format of their properties on a map. If this is your case, just start drawing.

If you need personalized assistance to locate and design your property, visite BUPi’s service counter at the City Hall where your property is located. See the BUPi service desks here.

Upload a file

Suitable for landowners who have done a topographic survey on the ground or using a drawing tool on digital maps, whose files are in the following accepted formats (KML; Shape; Gpx; Igc; TopoJSON or GeoJSON), or created through a topographic survey on site, or in a drawing tool on digital maps.
If this is your case, just upload the files from the ‘drawing tool’.


At a service counter

Find a BUPi qualified technician from the municipality where your property is located.

See the list of BUPi's service counters

To identify your property
With BUPi there are no costs associated with identifying and locating your property boundaries.

About the free registration
Law no. 78/2017, of August 17th, created the Simplified Land Digital Registry and extended the possibility for all landowners to register their rustic land free of charge, whatever their geographic location.
Exemption from fees associated with registration is ensured for 4 years after the signing of the agreement between the municipality where the properties are located and BUPi:

  1. If you are the owner of rustic properties located in one of the 174 municipalities that do not have a registration and that can join the georeferenced graphical representation (RGG) procedure, you can enjoy the exemption from fees associated with registration, for a period of 4 years from when the municipality’s first joined BUPi.
  2. If the municipality has integrated the pilot project or has a geometric registration of the rustic property (CGPR), the free policy remains for a period of 4 years from the date of entry into force of Law No. 65/2019 – until August 23 from 2023

Check here the free registration end date in your municipality.

Data de término



For secure authentication
You can start your online process and securely authenticate in two ways: if you choose to authenticate with the Portuguese Citizen Card, you must have the PIN code in addition to the identification document; if you choose to authenticate with the Digital Mobile Key (CMD), you must have the associated mobile phone with you when you first activated it and the PIN number you chose when activating.

To identify your property on the digital map
To validate your online processes, you must also have the caderneta predial (document from the Portuguese Tax Authority that describes the property) with the property record numbers to be associated with the design of the identified property or the file created through a topographic survey on site.

Why register your properties?

Registration protects what’s yours

Your rights as landowner are only guaranteed with the registration of your land at the land registry office. Having properties registered at the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority does not guarantee their ownership. For your registration to be free, you must present the geolocation of your property, by designing its boundaries before making the registration.



BUPi's User Manual (PT only)

Download BUPi's User Manual for more information about the Online Outline and other frequently asked questions.



Municipalities that have not yet joined BUPi should express their interest by filling in the form.


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