Documents required for registration

On this page you will find the documents required to register your property, with the specifics applicable to each registration procedure:

  1. Special justification procedure – the interested party does not have a document proving his right;
  2. Special registration procedure – the interested party has a document proving his right.

Both procedures are applicable to properties not described in the register (omitted) or described without registration of acquisition or recognition of property rights or mere possession in force.

Base documents

  • RGG – Georeferenced graphic representation (in municipalities with simplified registry) or CGP – Geometric property configuration (in municipalities with property registration);
  • Citizen card or identity card;
  • Fiscal Number

Specific documents

1. Special Justification Procedure

  • Completed form;
  • Declarations made by three deponents, with signatures recognized in person, unless they are made before the registration officer at the time of the request, which confirm the declarations of the interested party;
  • Other documents deemed necessary to verify the order’s assumptions.

2. Special Registration Procedure

  • Documents with which you want to prove your right:
      • Certificate of notary deed of purchase and sale or authenticated private document; or
      • Certificate of the notary deed of qualification of heirs or simplified procedure of qualification of heirs; or
      • Certificate of notarial deed of sharing due to death or divorce; or
      • Judicial decision.

NOTE: Soon, it will be possible to start the registration request directly through the BUPi Service Counter or online, after RGG submission.